Making Tax Digital

QuickBooks is a relatively new entrant into the UK market for accounting software. As an American brand, they have high aspirations in the UK as well as global markets and have a forward-thinking attitude to achieve this.

2019 is a game changer year for the financial software category, with new legislation coming in (Making Tax Digital) requiring VAT registered businesses to change how they submit their tax returns. This equated to an opportunity to convert 626k small businesses to the financial software products. This presents accounting software companies with an unparalleled opportunity to gain subscribers in the UK. It was imperative that we captured this demand for QuickBooks to help them with growing their business in the UK.

However, this opportunity game with a huge challenge, that we didn’t know how the prospective consumers were going to react to this change. With little insight internally, the clients needed our help with this task. Using data from previous initiatives such as ‘Analogue Switch off’ and GDPR, we worked with Google to create a unique roadmap for QuickBooks.

An automated and sharable dashboard was created, factoring in learnings from previous legislation changes, as well as regular data and insights into performance. This allowed us to form predictions about how the consumers were going to react and how we could support, measure and capture demand.

John Lewis & Partners

People are always looking for clues to discover the John Lewis & Partners Christmas ad and after 10 years of keeping it a secret, our worst fear materialised – it had been leaked!

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