John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners


Each year, the John Lewis & Partners ad is the most loved and anticipated advertising campaign in the UK.  In 2019 John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners (JLP) joined forces and created a joint Christmas advert for the first time ever!

Moments of Christmas excitement fuel the ad’s narrative and research shows that increased levels of excitement or emotional arousal can influence purchase intent. Our ambition was to echo the ads excitement and use media to amplify those moments when the UK may be already feeling festive.

The nation was introduced to #ExcitableEdgar, a playful little dragon who, when excited, blew flames from his nose. We wanted to bring Edgar’s excitement to life to create shared moments and ITV’s On-Screen Presentation (OSP) gave us a perfect opportunity.

OSPs promote the next scheduled show but are editorially governed. They had never been used commercially before, but we convinced ITV to break with tradition for us via bespoke Edgar interactions, featuring the lovable character causing mischief in the OSPs.

Using a first-of-a-kind, independent biometric study, we could track that ITV viewers were more excited by #ExcitableEdgar vs. average response to all other Christmas advertising. This excitement drove an increase in social conversation and net sentiment.

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