Virgin Trains

Advertising isn’t always the answer

In Summer 2018, the Virgin Trains brand had hit a dip.

It needed to do something bold. Through cultural and social insight, we identified that the solution sat with influencing the product experience rather than in advertising alone.

The result was a category-changing decision to remove weekend peak fares, celebrated by a campaign that encouraged spontaneity, via multiple partnerships activated by triggers in weather and local event data.

The result was significant additional revenue every Friday as well as the removal of overcrowding and a better customer experience.

Not only did the work champion the Virgin spirit. It showed the success of looking beyond traditional advertising to deliver results.

Waitrose & Partners

At Christmas, timing is everything. We know consumers tire of ads after nine days but with a whole season of sales to drive, we couldn’t be forgotten that quickly. We needed consumers to keep choosing Waitrose for all their seasonal shops not just the main event.

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