MG OMD FWD 14th December

  • Twitter plans to introduce new placement controls for advertisers to avoid tweets containing certain keywords, in a bid to reassure and lure back advertisers
  • Meta rolls out new targeting options to run ads on Facebook and Instagram to your Instagram followers (alongside existing options to target your Facebook followers)
  • Amazon launches Inspire, a new in-app shopping experience with a personalised feed filled with photos and videos from other customers, influencers, and brands
  • The UK’s HFSS online ad ban has been moved back to October 2025 to allow regulators and advertisers time to draw up guidance and prepare
  • Amazon is building a computer vision algorithm (multimodal identification) to identify products without the need for scanning barcodes
  • Girls Who Code has launched a gaming experience empowering girls to create personalised characters through coding, with infinite combinations possible including unique and underrepresented attributes more reflective of themselves and their communities
  • The headlines from Black Friday from marketers and tech platforms across the world, proving Black Friday still plays an important role in the UK’s peak shopping season despite a decline in physical footfall

MG OMD FWD 9th December

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