MG OMD FWD 22nd December

  • Global have acquired the podcast hosting platform, Captivate
  • TikTok has rolled out a heap of new features, including GIPHY support, HD videos, and most importantly, cat sound effects
  • “Shall we order a TikTok?”. TikTok Kitchen could soon be a thing, as they look to rival other food delivery services
  • It’s been a bumper year for tech start-ups, with a record high level of investment for 2021
  • Still not totally sure on the Metaverse? Then give this a watch
  • Already planning your end-of-year, 2021 wrap-up Instagram post? Meta has you covered
  • LinkedIn have partnered with Cameo to give a festive spin to their OOO messages
  • Heinz partnered with Activision’s Call of Duty to help gamers take a snack break, in game

MG OMD FWD 16th December

Hello and welcome to the “only 9 sleeps until Christmas” edition of MG OMD FWD

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