Earning Our Stripes for 2020

As World Pride is in June, many brands are showing their support for the community, by changing their logos to the colours of the pride flag. At Manning Gottlieb OMD, we know that at this stage of our development, we are not yet involved enough in LGBT+ rights advocacy to allow us to wear our stripes with pride. Therefore, over the coming year we will show our commitment to the community by delivering on a set of objectives that will allow MG OMD to earn its stripes in time for World Pride 2020:


Establish a robust two-way channel of communication between Open Pride UK and all agency staff to strive to be the most active and engaged agency across the group.


Create regular forums for education and discussion of historical and contemporary issues facing the global LGBT+ community.


Provide platform and resource for our LGBT+ and ally colleagues to celebrate and support their personal or community pride, 365 days a year.


Commit our professional network and communal expertise to actively support Open Pride UK’s INCLUSION, LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS and COMMUNITY objectives.

Tim Pearson takes role of CEO, OMD Group UK

Tim Pearson, chief executive of Manning Gottlieb OMD, has been promoted to an expanded role as chief executive of OMD Group UK. Pearson, who has worked at Manning Gottlieb OMD for more than 20 years, will oversee both sister agency OMD UK and his existing agency in his new job.

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