MG’s Very Own Maddie Taylor Wilson details her experience at OMD Australia

Back in the summer, MG OMD announced the exciting news that OMD were looking to launch a global secondment program, giving employees the opportunity to experience working in another OMD office around the world for a month.  This was met with much excitement from those around the office, especially when it was revealed that this years secondment was to take place in sunny Sydney during November, arguably one of the drearier months of the year.

The application process involved answering several questions ranging from demonstrating company values to what you could bring to Sydney as well as bringing back to the UK. This could be delivered in what ever format you saw best allowing applicants to be as creative as possible. Mine may or may not have involved a kangaroo onesie.

Working abroad had always been something that I was curious about so doing it through my current employer and for a month on the other side of the world seemed like too perfect an opportunity not to apply for!

I was very lucky to then be chosen as the first MGer to be sent on secondment and alongside a fellow Brit from OMD UK left for Sydney on Friday to embark on a month at the OMD Sydney office.

During my time here I’m looking forward to experiencing the ins and outs of a media agency in Australia and seeing how they do things in comparison to us back in the UK. OMD Australia is consistently voted in the Top 50 best places to work in Australia, ranking number 4 this year so it will be great to see what their secret is!


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