MG OMD Partners With Brixton Finishing School

Earlier this month we kicked off a brave new partnership with Brixton Finishing School, pairing 30 senior marketers with graduates of the game changing programme aimed at increasing under-represented groups in creative industries (Multi-Cultural, Working Class, NeuroDiverse, Female).

Designed as a two way mentoring programme, over three months the pairs will share experiences with each other to provide new perspectives. Aiming to equip untapped talent with the skills to break into the media industry, whilst at the same time allowing those currently working in the industry to understand the current entry level climate for job seekers.  The pilot programme forms part of MG OMD’s OPEN agenda for 2020 and beyond.

Executive Director at MG OMD, Matt Mint, who pioneered the programme said Looking at the under-representation of some groups around the industry, it’s clear there are barriers that exist to them finding roles and succeeding in them.  Whilst these might not be physical or intentional barriers they are still standing in the way of us achieving our vision of an agency open to all, attracting and retaining diverse talent.  As part of the industry, MG OMD acknowledges these barriers are present within our own agency, and as a leader in the industry we are committed to identifying and removing them.  This programme is just one small step in the right direction when it comes to making a change here.”

The pilot programme will continue through to December 2020 and feed into MG OMD’s wider mentoring ambitions for 2021.

National Coming Out Day

Yesterday, (October 11th) we celebrated National Coming Out Day. A few of us put together a short video to share a few stories of acceptance, support and love.

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