10 questions with…Harriet Fisher

1. To me, the rainbow symbolises

Hope and togetherness. After a tough few months it’s a nice, bright reminder that we’re all in this together and we will get through it, regardless of how tough it may be or seem at times.

 2. What is your role at Team Nation?

I lead the content strand of the partnership from an OmniGOV perspective. Working closely with both the content leads and project management teams from Team Nation, as well as each individual publisher, it’s been my responsibility to manage spend, advise on formats, plan, buy, track and report upon each content brief on a weekly basis.

 3. Have you ever worked on an advertising campaign of this scale before?

I’ve worked across lots of different clients, with lots of publishers throughout the years, but never to this extent. Working with every national and local publisher in the UK, tackling a new content brief each week has certainly come with its challenges at times, but it’s been very interesting and exciting all the same.

 4. What is it like working on a cross-industry team?

It’s been an absolute pleasure meeting and working with lots of new, very talented people across the industry. The process has allowed us all to learn a lot from each other and apply this to the campaign throughout, which has helped with the effectiveness overall. It’s been a real privilege.

 5. What has been the highlight so far?

Seeing the campaign come to life and develop throughout. We were given a huge brief, which was a big challenge, but the quality of the work put in to make everything happen speaks for itself in the content produced.

 6. And any challenges you can share?

The nature of the campaign means that we have been subject to very late changes. Key messages have changed, different parts of the UK have adapted to new guidelines at different times and we’ve had to make sure all content produced has fallen in line with this…even when we’ve been updated at the eleventh hour. This and time, there is never enough time!!

 7. Think of three words that come to mind when you think of the campaign?

Collaborative, informative and fast-paced.

 8. What have you learnt?

Anything is possible. When I was first approached about working on the project I laughed and said, “there’s no way we can do this with the time we have”. Producing content to the highest standard typically takes time, so having to tackle a new brief, sometimes two, each week felt ambitious at best. Fast forward three months and we’ve not only done it, but we’ve managed to do it effectively and efficiently. It’s been amazing to see everything come together.

 9. What can we expect to see next?

A more united industry? If this project has shown us anything, it’s that publishers work incredibly well together. It would be great to see this continue.

 10. Finish this sentence…

All in, all together…for lots of summer fun (safely, of course!).

This article was originally published by Newsworks UK.


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