Moving Together: MG OMD x Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that shines a spotlight on the importance of mental well-being. This year’s theme, ‘Movement: moving more for our mental health‘ underscores the powerful connection between physical activity and mental wellness.

At MG OMD, we recognise the significance of mental health awareness and support, especially within the workplace. According to the World Health Organisation, depression and anxiety cost the global economy an estimated $1 trillion each year in lost productivity. It’s clear that prioritising mental health isn’t just compassionate; it’s also essential for businesses.

What did we do?

This year, we brought to life various initiatives aimed at promoting well-being and fostering a supportive environment within the workplace. Our core values include us being ‘good hearted’ and ‘better together’. Two things that we hold dear year-round, but especially during Mental Health Awareness Week. We believe in taking proactive steps to support our team members’ mental health journey.

Here’s a glimpse of what we did!

  • Fitness First Access: Everyone at MG enjoyed free, full access to the facilities at Fitness First, encouraging movement and physical activity
  • Walking Lunch with the Mental Health Taskforce: Our Mental Health Taskforce organised a walking lunch, providing an opportunity for meaningful conversation and connection – while getting some steps in
  • Walk Club with Self Space: We partnered with Self Space to host a Walk Club session, combining movement with insightful discussions on mental wellness
  • Biscuit Break: Thanks to our clients McVities, members of the Mental Health Taskforce brought around the True Originals Trolley, offering a biscuit break as a chance to connect and destress (Dunking a biscuit in your tea is also, technically, movement!)
  • Cleanse & Clear with Self Space: We facilitated sessions with Self Space, focusing on mental clarity and relaxation techniques
  • Ongoing Benefits and Initiatives: In addition to the week’s activities, we continue to champion mental health and wellness through various benefits and initiatives. Including access to platforms and resources like Self Space, Headspace and Thrive, discounted gym memberships, private health insurance, recharge days, flexible working, training and studying programmes, mental health first aiders and much more

Inside MG OMD: Words from our Mental Health Taskforce

Our brilliant Mental Health Taskforce has also compiled some of their favourite tips, thoughts, and resources on all things mental health and wellness. Read on for some great insights and ideas to take away and promote mental wellness at work

Tell us how you incorporate movement into your workday

“I like to get off a stop early on the train to walk 5-10 minutes longer, it gives me time to switch off from mum mode into work mode!”

“I have to do some exercise every day. I think being up and out before the world gets going really helps my head – it kind of ‘de-fraggs’ my mind. I find some of my best ideas or best realisations (personal or work related) happen when I’m running  or walking, without meaning to!”

“I always aim for fresh air during lunch breaks at the office. In the evenings, I commit to attending a gym class – even on those days when I really don’t have the motivation, I remind myself of how good I feel afterwards!”

“Running, even for a short duration, makes me feel so much better. I tend to mix up routes as much as possible which keeps me noticing new things”


What are your tips on how to encourage mental wellness at work?

“I try to be as open and honest as possible about how I’m feeling that day and try and encourage others to do the same. And if I notice that someone is having a hard day,  I always reach out to them afterwards. A little check in goes a long way”

 “If others are comfortable, I think as a team it can be helpful to have a really frank conversation about ‘who we are’ from a mental health and wellbeing perspective. As Alain de Botton says, instead of presenting our best selves, accept we all are in our unique ways and understand what others’ ‘tells’ might be in times of stress, anxiety and what to watch for”

“It is so important to establish our own boundaries at work! They enable us to have a good-work life balance and avoid burnout. I also block out an hour each day in my diary for a lunch break. There will be days where it moves, but having the time already blocked out reminds me to take a break”

“Put in boundaries and don’t be afraid to say no when necessary. I put in a calendar invite for my lunch break from 1-2. I don’t always have my break then (or for the full hour) but it stops people from putting meetings in over that time. Sometimes I’ll need to move this, but it needs to be a very good reason!”

What are your favourite recommended resources for mental health awareness and support?

“Try Transcendental Meditation! I highly recommend. Also, the neuroscientist interviews on Steven Bartlett’s podcast for insights into human behaviour are fascinating”

“This isn’t original but I really do like Elizabeth Day – her journalism, her podcasts, books and incredibly candid, brave honesty about some very personal experiences”

“I love a ‘Headspace’ Nighttime ‘Wind Down’ when I’m struggling to switch off in the evening, or a good book to step away from social media. Untamed by Glennon Doyle was a fantastic read that initiated a lot of self-reflection”

“My tip here would be to not follow too many similar accounts on socials or listen to similar podcasts in this space. Variety is the spice of life. And don’t forget other people can be fabulous resource – that could be listening to or talking to them, either way you’ll learn something! As for a book that changed my outlook in this area – I’d recommend Happy by Derren Brown”


At MG OMD, we value diversity, inclusion, and mental health awareness. By championing our people and culture, we ensure that everyone at MG OMD can thrive and succeed in their working environment.

As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, let’s continue moving together towards a brighter, healthier future.

To learn more about Mental Health Awareness Week and how to get involved next year, take a look at the website here. 

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