The Future of Gaming

Despite my first taste of VR (thank you Venatus) making me want to spend the rest of the day playing VR Angry Birds, we weren’t at the Future of Gaming to listen to slingshots and grunting animals but instead a series of insightful talks from gaming experts. Insights from three of these are shared below:

  • EE stressed the importance of not being precious about your brand aesthetic, of unlearning what you know and taking risks. Prioritise a gamer first creative approach that will build relevance and authenticity.
  • Another panel discussed the importance of utilising what’s already existing within the game environment. Don’t feel pressure to world build from scratch. Focus on how you can add value to the audience – this will differ by game – and then look at how your brand can show up, “Fun first, brand second”.
  • Kraft-Heinz and Kairos took us through their Gaming experience, stressing the importance of starting small and being agile across teams and markets to scale at the right moment.

Highly recommend the event to anyone who wants to learn about gaming.

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