Meet the Moment: The Role of Google Search

Monday 25th September saw the Government run their Innovation Day. A day replete with talks from Google discussing the innovations and latest developments across its platforms.

One talk was “Meet the Moment” exploring the role of Google Search and the latest insights into how people are using it.

Google identified two main need states when it came to people searching for Government related queries: looking for help and looking for opportunities.

They also identified changes in how users search for information – search queries are becoming longer, more nuanced and more complex. Focusing on these changes including the search topics (e.g. jobs) and modifiers (e.g. near me) that people prioritise are important to keeping close to our audience’s priorities. It is also important to consider how best to utilise Google’s products to capture this increased nuance (e.g. employing broad-match).

Overall, there are many opportunities for the Government to utilise Google Search to add value to their audience.

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