Some Super Insights from SuperAwesome

Some Super Insights from SuperAwesome

Anyone working in advertising will be familiar with the desperation that accompanies the question “how do we reach Gen-Z?”. That elusive, discerning demographic criticised and praised by the media in equal measure. A generation with high expectations for themselves, society and – perhaps most importantly in this context – advertisers.

Youth marketing behemoth, SuperAwesome, recently hosted a webinar sharing insights into this generation. While the attached image neatly summarises the main take-outs, a couple are worth building out.

1.Authenticity and relatability are key. Connections on a personal level and shared values are important. Content is often a unifying factor, seen most starkly in relation to fandoms that can become a powerful identifier.  This also manifests in greater interest in Creators over traditional “influencers”.

2.Nostalgia helps them navigate challenges, providing comfort and stability in times of stress.

3.Timing is important, aligning with Gen-Z via key access points or “firsts” e.g. first purchase, first bank account, is a great way to build meaningful, long-term relationships with the audience.


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