Advertising Week 2020: Connected through the camera

Overview of the session:

In this 30-minute session  we were taken through the role Augmented Reality (AR) plays in media in 2020. From where to start, to how AR fits into media plans in a pandemic world, it was a great introduction into the possibilities of how your campaign can be elevated and deliver real results.

Key takeaways:

  1. AR is extremely accessible and is familiar line on many media plans from both Just Eat & O2 (who both spoke on the panel). It is our role as agencies to educate our clients on the benefits by showing how it fits in, and how layering AR on to a campaign can add a ripple effect.
  2. Just because an AR experience can be fun and playful, it doesn’t mean the results are fun and playful; AR can help to deliver against a number of objectives including driving performance as an always-on tool, and delivering brand and innovation at scale for big campaign moments.
  3. It’s going to get even bigger with product trialing, especially since the pandemic has made shopping a very transactional process, and we’re tending to stay away from bricks and mortar in favour of staying safe. Think trying on beauty products which haven’t been touched by anyone else, to test driving cars which haven’t been sat in by another person – the scope is endless.

It’s no secret that AR is here to stay, especially as we all adjust to being apart a lot more; over the past six months, we’ve seen how technology has been key for bringing us together, and AR is a powerful strand to bridge the gap between the digital and the real world. For brands, it’s a rich territory whereby the user is fully immersed in your content through a full-screen experience for an average of 20 seconds, and there are countless opportunities for brands to get their message in front of consumers by providing them with an experience that is also playful and fun.

As the world continues to adapt to a new normal, the way we go about our daily life is constantly evolving. At a time when we’re craving human interaction and seeing people IRL, there is a real opportunity to use AR to bring people closer together – especially during the upcoming holiday season, where it’s unclear if we’ll be able to physically be with our loved ones.

Memorable quote:

“Just because AR can provide a fun and silly experience, it doesn’t mean fun and silly results”.

– Rachel Kneen (Just Eat).

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