McVitie's Blissfuls

McVitie's "Now that's blissful" by TBWA\London

‘Now That’s Blissful’, which will appear across TV and social, dramatises the treat-like nature of the product through the lens of the ‘making of’ story, a nod to the originality of the snack and the baking mastery in every McVitie’s Blissful.

The work shows an animation of a satisfyingly in-sync baking process, with the biscuit bases being cut and stamped into shape before being filled with Belgian milk chocolate cream, and a biscuit lid dropping in place.

The creative draws inspiration from ASMR, a powerful combination of audio and visual which prompts a sensory response in the viewer and, in the case of McVitie’s Blissfuls, reflects the arresting sumptuousness of the biscuit.

The film ends with the two variants – caramel and hazelnut flavours – and the line ‘Too Good Not To Share’.

The campaign was created by Ben Brazier and Johnny Ruthven and media was planned and bought by MG OMD.


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