Sony Pictures – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sony Pictures - Spider-Man: Far From Home

MG OMD were tasked with taking on the behemoths of Toy Story 4, The Lion King and delivering the most successful Spider-Man film ever. With not one, but four media firsts, a creatively contextual London approach paid back with 25% increase in admissions from the city alone and making it the highest grossing Spider-Man movie of all time.

For this to work, we had to partner with the most recognizably ‘London’ media we could find. We chose TFL, Exterion and The Metro as the brands to help us announce Spidey’s arrival in their city. There were no less than four media firsts across the campaign.

  • At the busy hub of Oxford Circus, we wrapped the five-ways tunnel and added webs to the iconic TfL roundel. Spider-Man himself (Brit Tom Holland) voiced the safety announcements which played out accompanied by the iconic Spider-Man theme tune – the first-time music had been played in a station for commercial use.
  • Using Amazon Treasure Kiosks, we gave commuters the opportunity to become Spider-Man and swing through New York using PlayStation VR to win prizes at commuter stations.
  • Via Snapchat, we were the first brand to use a landmarker lens locked to Buckingham Palace. Upon opening the app, users saw Spider-Man fight his new nemesis Mysterio over the palace in a scene based on the film.
  • Finally, we delighted national Metro readers with a glossy cover wrap featuring an envelope full of vouchers as a direct gift from our hero.


The movie opened to a £14.1m Box Office – Sony’s fourth highest of all time (only behind James Bond releases) and the best opening for any standalone Marvel movie to-date. An incredible 72% of admissions came from our target 18-34-year olds. The London Box Office alone took an extra £2m – a 25% increase from 2 years ago, showing our hyper-local campaign paid off. The movie went on to gross £37m making it the highest grossing Spider-Man movie of all time, outperforming 2018’s Spider-Man by £6m, the equivalent of a whopping 800k admissions.



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October 2019: The temperature is dropping, the clocks are going back and summer is a distant memory. With the seasons changing, so does human behaviour. We knew consumers were spending more time at home throughout winter.

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