John Lewis lands spaceship in I’m a Celeb

John Lewis’ Christmas campaign became even harder to escape last night after some prominent product placement in I’m a Celebrity – both on ITV and in Fortnite.

ITV recreated the crash-landed spaceship from the retailer’s “Unexpected guest” TV spot on the programme’s set as part of one of the challenges that celebrities have to tackle to earn food.

The crashed spaceship simultaneously appeared in the popular computer game Fortnite, where ITV-owned Metavision has recreated the castle in which I’m a Celebrity… takes place, in the game’s Fortnite Creative “sandbox” mode.

Fortnite players were invited to explore the ship and play “Castle Trials” games based on the programme. John Lewis’ partnership with the Fortnite experience started last month and players can find it by entering the code “6991-4289-2871” in the “Discover” tab.

The integrated commercial partnership was planned by MG OMD.

The activity also appeared in the physical world in central London. Immersive 4D creative of the spaceship crash-landing near the castle played out on Outernet’s brand-new Ultra HD screen, sat at the intersection of Charing Cross Road, Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, also planned by the team here at MG OMD.


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