MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Aminatta Sylva, Biddable Executive

The past six months we have seen a vigorous change in the way that businesses operate, toilet roll and flour shortages and the way that we work. Lockdown started off with cool TikTok dances and positive vibes and slowly drifted into constantly feeling tired of being stuck at home and unable to press play on life as we knew it.

As I joined MG last month, I am yet to meet my colleagues in person. Starting a new job virtually was quite nerve-wracking as it is something I’ve never done before. However, I feel like technology has helped me a great deal in getting to know my teammates and the nervousness of starting a job pre-Covid didn’t exist when I started at MG. Questions like, where is the building, where can I grab lunch, what’s that person’s name again and have I got my pass – have all been paused for now!

Whilst working from home is great as I get to annoy my 13-year-old sister and 10-year-old cousin as much as humanly possible, the major downside is that there’s an awful pandemic going on. Whilst doing the infamous renegade dance with my cousin, I too am wondering when things will get back to normal?


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