MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Ben Annang, Programmatic Activation Planner/Buyer

Working from home at the start of the official lockdown was challenging as we all had to adjust moving everything online and getting out of the normal routine of going to the office physically. Teams was basically our go-to place for communication and endless quizzes was our main source of entertainment in and outside of work which was quite hilarious.

After a couple of months, I did get used to it and I have discovered different parts of Tottenham on my lunch breaks which has been strange and enlightening considering that I’ve lived here for over 10 years (don’t support the football club though, haha). But on a serious note, working with my Team has been extremely good and efficient regardless, as everyone is more responsive than ever, especially the managers too! Although I haven’t been back to the office since March, I have still been able to be productive, complete my tasks before the deadlines and have that work/life balance which has been amazing.

With my two screens at home, it has been super helpful to help me get through my daily tasks and go through the various emails we receive. Before the lockdown I didn’t work from home, but now I can still be productive and responsive online or offline and I do wish to continue doing so.



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