MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Ellen McPherson, Client Account Manager

What an eventful week to be chosen to document my WFH diary! A week that has involved a positive Coronavirus test; a virtual media owner jolly; and a confession of my ‘guilty feminist’ sins live on MG Radio…

I have spent most of lockdown 2.0 inside my house-share in Tooting Bec. The very things that make house-shares so great (communal living, always having milk in the fridge) also happen to be the very same things that make them a hot-bed for viral infections (communal living, the possibility of always having milk contaminated with Coronavirus fingerprints in the fridge). Sadly, the latter became a cruel reality, when my housemate displayed a suspicious tickly cough early in November. I knew no amount of surface cleaning was going to stop me from being similarly struck down.

Two weeks later, and with two out of four housemates having tested positive for the virus, we are almost at the end of our isolation. Luckily in Tooting I am surrounded by fabulous colleagues who have been on hand to help with essential deliveries (yes I do consider Cadbury’s Giant Buttons, Heinz Tomato soup, and a copy of Grazia ‘essentials’). The friendly MG spirit is alive and well, people, even in these trying times!

Coronavirus aside, this week my attention has been focused on preparations for Equal Pay Day. Friday 20th November marked the day in the year when women in the UK effectively stop being paid. We made a splash on the day with our Instagram stickers that were shared far-and-wide (shoutout to my Mum), and also donated a great amount of money to some worthy causes.

I thoroughly enjoyed the girl power takeover of MG Radio, and will be using the Spotify playlist to soundtrack my WFH days from here on out. I would really encourage everyone to get involved in an Open Taskforce – I have met some incredibly smart and inspirational MGers, and can’t wait for the day we can grumble about the patriarchy face-to-face over a nice glass of Refinery house Sauvignon!”

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