MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Aziza Hill-Williams, Investment Senior Executive, AV – OmniGOV

Since March, we’ve seen a momentous change in dynamic across the business, and the globe, with a move to working from home. I have to say, with the exception of missing my friends, family and colleagues, I have quite enjoyed the change.

I have officially worked from home longer than I have worked in the office since joining MG in November.  However, that has come with great benefits of its own… 2.5 hours less commuting each day, £30-£50 savings on breakfast/coffee/lunch per week, and £350+ savings on travel per month!  Lots of extra money, not to mention the five holidays I’ve had cancelled due to the pandemic. Cha-Ching!

Living in the countryside has its benefits, but it also means everything is very far away – neighbours, corner shops (perhaps several corners as it’s a 5-minute drive away!) and friends – we’re already isolated to an extent. We’ve had a full household right from the start, with eight people! So, you can imagine how much we struggled with supermarket-imposed quantity restrictions – what are three tins of beans going to do for a house of eight adults!

Our part-time resident is my youngest brother who is currently serving in the Army, and mostly stays on base at his Barracks. When he’s not on base, he’s driving heavy duty vehicles up and down the country delivering PPE and various other items to those in need, and still makes time to come and see my mum – booo the favourite child!

Our biggest challenge has been protecting our extended members of the family, Mark & Daniel. They are two adults with severe learning difficulties whom we long-term foster – although, we don’t really see it like that as they’ve been a part of the family for over 10+ years! They have been the main reason (other than Government advice of course ????) as to why isolation and restricting visits and travelling is so much more important, due to various illnesses making them very high risk. This also meant that I was unable to protest during the peak of the BLM Movement, but encouraged me to find other ways to contribute to the movement – of which there are many, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to share some insights/links.

Seeing Mark & Daniel coping with a lockdown and not being able to see their own parents has given me a newfound inspiration to embrace change rather than cower from it, using it to my advantage. I took up new hobbies whilst in lockdown, namely nail designs which I’m becoming quite a pro at. I have decided to try again at teaching myself the Arabic language, and even created the beginnings of a new blog… Watch this space! I created a desk space early on, got myself an office chair, and even a 2nd screen – optimum working levels for dealing with the beast that is Coronavirus and all its manifestations – Test & Trace, Enjoy Summer Safely, Eat Out to Help Out etc. Oh, it’s been a challenge, but a very welcome one.

Despite enjoying being at home, and the extra sleep in the mornings, I look forward to returning to the office and seeing the team again! Socially distanced air hugs and elbow bumps all round! Stay Safe! X


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