MG OMD FWD 12th January

  • Bing could be ‘back’? Microsoft announces plans to integrate ChatGPT into its search engine
  • Instagram UI moves away from the Shop tab and focusses on Reels
  • Meta announces further safeguarding of teens data historically used in targeting for advertisers
  • The UK treasury hints at future cryptocurrency plans
  • A concise roundup of all the best launches from CES 2023
  • The Top 100 Influencers have been listed
  • A US insight into the pricing of TikTok and how it’s used as a ‘cheap’ alternative to rivals to steal market share
  • Microsoft’s voice AI (dubbed ‘VALL-E’), can replicate your voice after hearing just 3 words!
  • The Tik Tok ‘What’s Next’ Report for 2023
  • Awesome Games Done Quick is now live. The Annual weeklong speed running event for Charity has officially kicked off on the Twitch platform
  • TikTok and IMDB have collaborated to make short-form Film, TV, and entertainment more integrated across platform
  • Twitter picks their top campaigns from 2022
  • Does ‘dry January’ have a lasting positive impact on your health?
  • Ten social media trends to look out for in 2023
  • The Omnicom and Snap report on what Gen-Z want from brands

MG OMD FWD 21st December

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