Welcome to this week’s FWD. In the week of the 2020 Super Bowl we saw these ads compete to win the battle for share of social voice. All of the online giants took part, with Facebook pushing Groups, Amazon imagining a life #BeforeAlexa (and becoming the most watched ad on YouTube during the game) and US telco, Sprint, opting for a Dudewithasign in the crowd instead of a TV ad. Lastly, Planters tripped up with their attempts at a viral stunt.

  • Paramount rolls out Snapchat AR Lenses to promote Sonic the Hedgehog movie
  • The International Red Cross (ICRC) partnered with hit video game Fortnite to launch Liferun: a spin-off game mode showcasing the work its workers do to help civilians in conflict zones
  • Sony partners with TikTok to bring you the ‘most epic TikTok ever made (LIKE EVER)’. Watch it here
  • Barcode fest, anyone? These modified scanners let you play techno music using barcodes

Uber Eats campaign introduces irrepressibly upbeat cycle courier

Uber Eats has launched its first major stand-alone campaign, starring an infectiously positive cycle courier who amuses and baffles with his quest to "bring it" to hungry customers. The work was directed by Stacy Wall through Rogue, while media is by Manning Gottlieb OMD.

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