By Fred Barnes, Head of Paid Social

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of MG OMD FWD

  • Once again social media companies find themselves in the spotlight after racist abuse of players following Sunday’s Euro 2020 final. The BBC take a look at the challenges facing big tech as they look to tackle the issue. Do get in touch with MG if you want to discuss this topic further
  • Almost a third of Brits are concerned that TikTok might share personal data with the Chinese government according to a report in the Guardian
  • Google are reportedly set to be fined €500 million by French regulators in the latest of a long line of anti-trust and copyright related lawsuits being faced by the firm
  • Facebook release a new video aimed at dispelling some of the myths around how it’s infamous News Feed algorithm works
  • TikTok is “not just jokes and emojis” and is actively helping young people manage their money more wisely. The Guardian take a look
  • Google is to start rolling out authenticated brand logos in Gmail in an effort to reduce scams and phishing attacks, The Verge reports
  • The BBC take a look at how technology is helping indigenous communities curb illegal deforestation
  • A Super Mario cartridge for the N64 has just sold for $1.56m at auction. Gamesradar report
  • The Guardian take a look at why the Chinese government want to crackdown on cryptocurrency training in China
  • Wired explore how Lego, after 72 years in business, have finally perfected the recycled plastic brick


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