Hello and welcome to another ‘Stay at Home’ edition of MG OMD FWD.

The big news of the week is Apple and Google team up to help beat the pandemic, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey donates a $1bn, Disney+ reaches 50m subscribers and Quibi make an impressive bolt out of the starting gate.

  • Apple and Google announced a system for tracking the spread of the new coronavirus, allowing users to share data through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmissions and approved apps from health organizations
  • Disney+’s global rollout is going very well, with the 50m landmark reached, 5 months after its initial launch and 3 weeks after being available in Europe. That’s almost 1/3 of Netflix’s global subscriber base… which has taken 23 years to build.
  • Quibi reaches 1.7m downloads in the first week
  • Facebook releases Quiet Mode so you can take a break from social media
  • Twitter Updates Data Sharing Policy, which will see more user data provided for advertising purposes
  • Instagram updates discover page with creators as the focus and live stream is now available on web
  • Twitter and Square’s Jack Dorsey is donating $1bn of his own money, focusing on girls’ education and the testing the foundations of Universal Basic Income.  In the spirit of transparency he has shared a spreadsheet so that you can track the value of the donation (based on Square stock) and where the money is being donated
  • Uber has created a ‘work hub’ to help drivers find other work
  • Snapchat lets you donate by scanning bank notes. They have launched a lens that lets you scan a bank note and then go through to a page to donate to WHO causes (23 currencies currently included)
  • Airbnb debuts online experiences with unique activities to allow hosts to continue to make money. You schedule your experience on the app and use a Zoom call to connect you. You can experience meditation with Buddhist monks in Japan, cooking with a Moroccan family, to salsa-making classes in Mexico

Warc Awards 2020 announces Effective Innovation shortlist

Warc Awards 2020 has announced the first shortlist for the year; a free to enter global case study competition in search for next-generation marketing effectiveness.

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