• YouTube is set to lower the threshold for monetization
  • Vodafone and Three are set to merge
  • Meta are looking to rival Twitter with their own text-based social network
  • LinkedIn are launching DMs for company pages
  • Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been blocked by the FTC
  • Young people prefer to get their news fix from TikTok rather than traditional outlets
  • TikTok have launched a new series called TikTok Truths to help dispel some of the myths surrounding its platform
  • The Beatles are releasing their final single, with a little help from AI
  • Instagram are testing AI in your DMs
  • Heinz has enlisted the help of viral stars from the past to market their new “15 minutes of flavour” campaign
  • Ikea are creating a 19-foot (AR) statue in New York City
  • Netflix are set to open a restaurant that serves food from viewers favourite shows

It’s time to shift our competitive mindset

Paddy Adams argues that we need a better understanding of what client rivals are up to.

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