Hello and welcome to another weekly dose of FWD, working from home edition 15.

To kick things off let’s take a look at how the big tech companies are celebrating Pride 2020. With Facebook and Instagram leading the way. And why not celebrate Pride in lockdown with your own virtual parade. Brought to you by Global Pride and Animal Crossing

  • Google creates a new source of traffic with Google Keen
  • Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite and acquirers of the Houseparty app, continues to benefit from lockdown with new funding round
  • Apple announced dozens of new features for their key products as part of their WWDC 2020 update on Monday. You can watch the full keynote here. In a rush? Here’s the Verge’s 18 key takeaways from the event
  • The Premier League is back! With all games available on Sky, Pick TV, BT Sport, BBC, Amazon and now Twitch?

Audience selection and clarity in targeting

In this new reality, static segmentations are often no longer appropriate, and advertisers should consider a more dynamic persona-based approach that accounts for the shifting nature of audiences.

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