MG OMD FWD 16th November

  • After a seemingly quiet week for the company, Twitter have announced that they’re pausing the new blue tick verification system
  • In a bid to cool the concerns and tensions at Twitter HQ, Elon Musk took questions from Twitter employees and also hosted a Q&A on Twitter spaces. Here’s what we learned
  • Chris Rock is set to host the first-ever Netflix live show
  • ITV have announced their new ITVX streaming service, due to launch in December 2022
  • You can now schedule posts on Instagram
  • You’ve heard of the Metaverse but here is the Breakfastverse. A new concept from the team at Reese’s
  • Burger King have partnered with Call of Duty on the launch of their new Warzone 2.0 game. Watch the trailer here
  • Puma, Footlocker, and Niantec have teamed up with PokemonGo to create a new range of PokeStops and gyms
  • Snap have teamed up with Strava to provide a new AR experience
  • Burberry have released their latest collection of digital clothing, this time in Minecraft

Waitrose Christmas Campaign: It’s the care we put in that makes Christmas this special

Waitrose Christmas Advert highlights the care of our farmers, growers, producers, artisan suppliers, and Partners - all who feature in this years ad.

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