MG OMD FWD 19th January

  • It’s been a big month for gaming. As Microsoft look to splash out $70bn on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, following Take Two’s acquisition of Zynga for $13bn
  • Aldi are looking to follow in Amazon’s footsteps by trialling till-free supermarkets
  • Amazon have postponed their plans to stop accepting Visa credit cards
  • Instagram are trialling a new feature that allows users to rearrange the photos in their gallery
  • Accenture predicts that in 2022 social commerce will grow 3 times as fast as e-commerce
  • SmileDirectClub found a match made in heaven with TikTok. Here’s how!
  • Here’s a handy cheat sheet for social media images from the team at Hootsuite
  • Pinterest has published some new insight into male Pinner usage
  • Tic Tac look to spread some joy with positive messaging & AR. Give it a go here
  • 5 brands that are already embracing (and winning!) in the metaverse
  • Everyone’s favourite viral trainspotting enthusiast Francis Bourgeois has partnered up with Gucci and The North Face for their latest campaign
  • The BBC and David Attenborough have teamed up with EE to create an immersive AR experience, taking users on a journey through the secret kingdom of plants. You can reserve your tickets here
  • Here are 9 trends that will steer marketing in 2022

Motorway to Sponsor ITV’s Live Coverage of the Guinness Six Nations

ITV today announces that Motorway is the new stand-alone sponsor of the broadcaster’s live Guinness Six Nations coverage across 2022 and 2023.

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