MG OMD FWD – 27th August 2019

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of FWD.

A well-executed hoax on Instagram fooled a number of celebrities and showed the ease of spreading misinformation.  A school in Sweden received the country’s first GDPR fine for using facial recognition software to monitor students, whilst there are similar concerns closer to home in London’s King’s Cross.

  • YouTube is set to remove ads targeted to kids’ content and get rid of the private message feature, whilst competitors seek a commercial advantage
  • More privacy controls from the duopoly, as Facebook tells users which apps are using their data and Google introduces new fingerprint technology, whilst the IAB launches ad tech standard 2.0
  • Instagram is developing a new instant messaging app, allowing greater location sharing and access to creative tools
  • What brands can learn from innovation in the world of voice assistants
  • The Guardian has become a digital-first brand, with just 8% of its revenue comes from Print advertising
  • Here’s a visualisation of the latest trends in social media
  • Buzzfeed’s new mood board means users can select content based on their mood
  • A football brand partners with Tik Tok for an in-app challenge
  • The first interactive Instagram music video is released for Mark Ronson’s new album
  • The BBC is releasing an alternative to Alexa which better deciphers regional accents

MG OMD FWD – 20th August 2019

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