MG OMD FWD 31st March

  • ‘Finstas’ and ‘TikTots’ – Ofcom launches 2022 report into use of online media, particularly amongst young children
  • Tik Tok adds GIF library to better compete with WhatsApp functionality
  • Instagram is piloting a new full screen feed to replace top stories and adds Product tagging
  • Twitter announces DM search function
  • EUs ‘Digital Market Act’ passed a new law to allow greater competition in big tech services and platform
  • Why Facebook Targeting often misses the mark
  • Reddit vital user stats for 2022
  • Cool or bizarre? Introducing Zone, Dysons first wearable
  • YouTube named as coolest Kids brand (sigh)
  • Birmingham is the new Silicon Valley? The launch of the driverless shuttlebus

MG OMD FWD 3rd March

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of MG OMD FWD where we focus on the latest and greatest developments of all things digital and tech.

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