Advertising Week 2020: Disrupting Bias at Scale

Overview of the session: 

 Snap Inc.’s VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Baroness Oona King talked to UK General Manager, Ed Couchman, about ways we can all be catalysts for meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion in the world’s most influential sectors — tech and media. 

 Key takeaways: 

  1. Right now, is a pivotal moment to try and drive forward meaningful change. Everyone should have their fair shot in life. This year has highlighted this is not the case due to disproportionate systemic issues that repeatedly hold marginalised groups back. People with privilege need to use their position to bring about long-term impactful change.  
  1. Baroness Oona King believes there are 3 fundamental pillars that can bring about meaningful change within a workplace: Leadership, Accountability and Inspiration. The need to lead by example, be accountable with transparent goals and inspire employees to be part of the change.  
  1. Data and Tech could play a big part in the future of detecting bias. This has been done in the Movie/TV sector by analysing films at scale to identify gender/age/race bias. What would happen if we did the same in the advertising sector? Would there be an opportunity to eradicate lazy stereotypes, whilst raising the bar for more inclusive advertising as standard? 

 Memorable quote: 

“Now is the moment to try and drive forward meaningful change” 

Advertising Week 2020: Connected through the camera

Advertising Week 2020: Connected through the camera

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