John Lewis joins forces with MG OMD and WeAre8 for all life’s moments

John Lewis has always been focused on helping customers meet life’s challenges. Putting happiness and joy at the heart of everything they do. In September, John Lewis launched their new brand promise ‘For all life’s moments’. They were looking for a brand partner that could bring them closer to the people they want to reach while inspiring them to find joy in simpler moments. 

Enter WeAre8, a new social platform that celebrates and champions good in the world. The ground-breaking social app and digital advertising platform has an innovative business model that values people when they watch ads, contributes to climate solutions across the world, and supports the charities that mean the most to their 8Citizens and brand partners. 

MG OMD, WeAre8, and John Lewis united as a force for good – collaborating to empower people to make a positive impact every time they watched the new ‘For all life’s moments’ ad. 

Throughout the category-first campaign, 13% clicked through to learn more about the brand evolution, which is higher than the WeAre8 click-through rate benchmark and industry average. The platform’s unique consumer insights tool generated over 500,000 valuable, qualitative insights to help better understand the effectiveness of the campaign: 

  • 2 in 3 now think of John Lewis when they hear ‘for all life’s moments’ 
  • 2 in 3 said the ad made them feel happy


And from the campaign, a positive impact was made: 

  • £12,503 paid to 8Citizens 
  • 8,000 meals given to those in need via FareShare 
  • 26 tonnes of carbon offset (vs. 0.4 emitted) 


Continuing the partnership, WeAre8 is running ‘The beginner’ 2022 Christmas ad, which forms part of John Lewis’ long-term commitment to support the futures of young people from care. This is in association with Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland. Bringing together brands, people, and charities, all with the common goal to collectively making the world a better place. 

Rosie Hanley, Head of Brand & Marketing – John Lewis 

“John Lewis is a purpose-driven brand, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our customers. We are really interested in the work WeAre8 is doing to bring value to brands through engaging experiences, give value back to their audience, and are proud to have partnered with them early in their journey.” 

Geraldine Ridgway, Executive Director – MG OMD 

“This campaign gave us a fantastic opportunity to extend our social platforms to work with WeAre8. As a purpose-driven brand, this provides a relevant partner for both the launch of For All Life’s Moments, then to build on for our Christmas campaign – allowing us to drive engaged views, in a great context, complementing our wider social mix”

Laura Chase, Chief Commercial Officer – WeAre8 

“‘For all Life’s Moments’ was such a fantastic campaign and we were delighted to run it on WeAre8.  Our transformational ad delivery model not only delivered brilliant business results but also made a really positive impact at the same time, getting 8,000 meals to those in need” 

MG OMD FWD 16th November

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