MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Eduardo Ordonez, Data Intelligence and Visualisation Manager

My WFH experience has been great. It doesn’t mean everything has been perfect, but it’s just the way I feel about it. Perhaps, it has much more to do with my perspective on things rather than WFH itself.

Do you know the good Samaritan story? I believe that many times we see ourselves in the shoes of the man who was robbed and beaten. Things do not go our way, unexpected problems come up. In short, it looks like we are always ‘the victim’. However, it doesn’t take much to be a ‘good Samaritan’, apart from a genuine willingness to help each other.

As a working parent myself, I face the usual challenges any other parent faces too. But I’m always striving to find what can I do to make things better. Many times, there’s not much in our control, then, our battle against frustration kicks off. That’s why being positive about doing the things I can do better is encouraging to me. This way, my challenge is to be a supporter to others, without much expectation from them.

Whilst WFH I end up working a bit more than usual and that’s something I need to improve on in order to have more balance. However, I’ve adapted to it and being closer to my family without wasting hours of my days on commuting to work is great. On the other hand, I like many things about the office too, but real contact with people is the most valuable aspect I miss.

Overall, I just feel that WFH or working from the office does not change the fact that life will always bring us new challenges. But the key will always be our openness and willingness to seek, receive and give support. We’re definitely better when we’re together.

Be active, be safe! But above all, dare yourself to be better ????



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