MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Sabah Rahman, Investment Senior Executive, AV

Who’d have thought that working from home would now be the new norm for almost a year?! It’s been absolutely beaut not having to set my alarm for 5.30am every day, and wake up at a more appropriate hour. However, I am still guilty for not getting myself into a proper routine, of walking or exercising like I said I would, during the time I’d usually be commuting to London (7am – 8.30am). Instead I find myself waking up at 8am (when I told myself I would start work at that time) and not getting out of bed until 8.30am and rushing around to make myself half presentable for team catch ups!

My work routine consists of having team catch ups for the first hour and then cracking on with the work which is pretty full on. I try to take a lunch break for a full hour, but often find myself taking a quick break for 20 minutes and then getting back to work.

Usually in the office I’d finish and pack up at 5.30pm, but since lockdown I’ve found myself working slightly longer and ended up finishing at 8pm and sometimes 9pm. Of course this isn’t ideal but I have no regrets, as it’s taken the pressure off.

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions, but if there ever was one then it would be to have a proper routine, and learn to take proper breaks and spend my time exercising to work off that media stone!

MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

The final WFH Diary of 2020 comes from Eduardo Ordonez, Data Intelligence and Visualisation Manager, who is daring us all to be better.

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