MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

Kat Bozicevich, Managing Partner, Head of Client Development

My world in lockdown looks so different from the start of 2020 – for a start, I’m living with my parents again! We took the decision to move back into my family home so we could be one household if the rules became as severe as those in Spain and Italy.

Obvious downsides to this include constantly moving around rooms to find an empty space to do calls and dealing with the embarrassing photos of me as an awkward teenager in my Teams background. I’m not too keen to go back to normal though. My 20-month-old son is blossoming under all the grandparent attention, and he is loving the outdoor – and indoor – space that was sadly missing from our Southwark flat.

For myself, I am finding it slightly easier to focus than when I’m in the office, which makes the working day feel both peaceful and productive. Sometimes I’ll lose track of myself and realise I haven’t stopped all day. I’m still trying to figure out how to avoid that as I know it’s unhealthy. Conversely, if I’m super lucky, the meetings and calls will have landed just right in my diary, and I can do them from the park which is heaven.

The best part of lockdown for me is the extra time I can spend with my family. We’ve developed a lovely routine with Leo, with an hour back from the nursery rush in the mornings and evenings to spend real, unhurried time together. Eventually I’ll make use of some of that extra time to do some exercise… But not just yet, enjoying it too much!


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