Welcome to this week's edition of MG OMD FWD.

  • The US courts have temporarily put the brakes on Trump’s TikTok ban
  • Facebook might be retiring the much hated 20% text rule for adverts
  • The previously announced merger of the Instagram and Messenger chat services has started taking effect
  • LinkedIn has a new look and rolls out LinkedIn Stories to all users, because that’s just what we’ve all been missing from our lives
  • Once again the EU has it’s sights set on big tech with more regulation likely
  • In 2020, people under 25 will make up 41% of the world’s population. Facebook take a look at how GenZ are adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Google look at how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic might affect holiday shopping
  • Is TikTok changing what we want from influencers? CNET take a look
  • Wired take a look at how one US teenager built a website that made Coronavirus data more easily digestible, winning person of the year at the Webby awards in the process

Advertising Week 2020: Disrupting Bias at Scale

Advertising Week 2020: Disrupting Bias at Scale

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