Welcome to this week's edition of MG OMD FWD.

  • The TikTok saga continues to rumble on with Donald Trump giving his “blessing” to a tie up with US companies Oracle and Walmart
  • However, Tump also claimed that TikTok would contribute $5bn to a newly formed education fund, something TikTok were seemingly unaware of. Expect the story to run and run
  • Twitter is urgently looking into accusations that it’s auto-cropping feature for images appears to have a racial bias
  • Facebook are beefing up their rights manager tool to help creators and publishers manage their intellectual property. The new tools might put an end to accounts re-posting images on Facebook & Instagram
  • Pinterest have released their latest report on key platform trends as 2020 heads towards its (long overdue) conclusion
  • Mashable, take a look at why the livestreaming boom is here to stay
  • Twitter have launched their holiday hub where marketeers can head to find insights and tips for the Christmas season
  • Facebook have announced the 2021 release of their Project Aria smart glasses, because just what the world needs is another set of AR enabled glasses
  • The release of Apple’s IOS 14 has led to a new iPhone customisation trend, with users scrambling to make their phones look like “absolute garbage” according to The Verge
  • The Guardian take a look back at 10 years of Instagram. The platform celebrates its birthday on 6th October
  • Wired take a look at how Donald Trump’s battle with TikTok is heralding the birth of a new “splinternet” in this excellent long-read

MG at Home: The Working From Home Diary

For this week's working from home diary we hear from Ben Annang, Programmatic Activation Planner/Buyer, who has finally found his working from home groove.

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