MG OMD FWD 25th January

  • Instagram is returning to its roots and giving photos more focus in the app for 2023, as well as introducing ‘Quiet Mode’ to allow users to switch off from social for periods of time
  • Disney has built its own ad-serving technology to deliver ads on Disney+ and Hulu as it moves towards more ad-supported tiers. And of course it’s called YODA (Yield Optimized Delivery Allocation)
  • Google calls in the big guns and joins the rush to add chatbot features to its search engine
  • Roblox continues to bet big on the future of user-generated content and hires former Google Play VP Tian Lim
  • Netflix teams up with Bumble to put “Netflix and chill” to the test and help users bond over shared TV and movie tastes
  • ITV promotes A Year on Planet Earth with a frozen billboard that melts in real time
  • Meta partners with the NBA and WNBA to bring 50+ live games to VR on Meta Quest
  • Rentokil and Vodafone pair up to pilot the use of facial recognition software to track rodents in real time. Yes, you read that right.

MG OMD FWD 12th January

Greetings and hope everyone has safely settled into 2023 life. Here’s some FWD news to keep your ‘new year new you’ spirit up!

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