Welcome to this week’s edition of MG OMD FWD from sun burnt in east London. Facebook Shop, Apple Glasses and a call out to build creative solutions using 5G. Enjoy!

  • Shops: Facebook introduces 2-click buying in Facebook and Instagram making it easier for merchants to sell on the platforms, including uploading product catalogues.
  • Pinterest adds ‘Shopping Spotlights’ to highlight product recommendations from Fashion Influencers
  • Dmexico returns in September and returning to its local roots
  • NBA stars deliver training tips to mobiles all over the world in a global partnership with Famer
  • Twitter testing Stories-esque feature “Fleets” to Italian users
  • Katy Perry’s mixed reality performance on the final of American Idol was a virtual showstopper
  • Rumour:  Apple is going to release smart glasses. They will come in prescription and sunglasses versions, a LIDAR camera will monitor your proximity to objects and locations and show relevant AR prompts, no secret filming available.
  • Bumble has been encouraging people to have virtual dates, and has signed a partnership with Airbnb to use some of its experiences for people to go on virtual dates
  • Digital catapult has launched the 5G Testbed Accelerator programme. An open call for applications from the creative industry

Battersea “Rescues to the rescue”

Battersea enlists its own online community to show the role of rescued pets in providing comfort and entertainment for the housebound masses during lockdown.

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