MG OMD FWD 27th January

  • Google drops ‘FLOC’ and replaces it with Topics API as an alternative to cookies
  • Twitter confusingly adds a new ‘flock’ option, tailoring tweets for specific audiences
  • Google also faces fresh legal challenges centred around user location tracking
  • Microsoft announces £18bn quarterly profit, ahead of its Activision takeover
  • Tumblr is back
  • Meta unveils world’s fastest AI supercomputer
  • Meta also names ‘AudienceProject’ as the first EU 3rd party real-time tracking partner
  • You’ll soon be able to see who has viewed your profile on TikTok
  • It doesn’t get much cooler than Pepsi’s half-time Super Bowl LVI showpiece
  • YouTube offers NFT future hints for creators
  • Disney+ also launches teaser 2022 campaign

MG OMD FWD 19th January

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of MG OMD FWD where we focus on the latest and greatest developments of all things digital and tech.

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