MG’s Very Own Maddie Taylor Wilson details her experience at OMD Australia

After touching down in Sydney, I had to quickly shake off the jetlag and dive right into life at OMD. My second day in the office happened to coincide with the Melbourne Cup, otherwise known as ‘the race that stops the nation’ and by no means were they exaggerating! On that Tuesday afternoon almost everyone stopped in their tracks to watch the 158-year-old horse race. Being over 500 miles away from the race itself didn’t stop the people of Sydney putting on their suits and fascinators to go and watch it at their local pub.

Back in the office, Harry and I were quickly inducted into the company during ‘OMD Live’, a company meeting that takes place in their social space known as The Shoe. We were called up on stage to take part in their feature ‘On the Spot’ where people had anonymously sent in hard hitting questions for us to answer. These questions included whether we would want to listen to One Direction or the Spice Girls for the rest of our lives and whether it was true that Brits are scared of water.

My time at OMD so far has been split between the Telstra team, which is a large Australian telecoms company, and Sony Pictures which I spend some of my time working on in the UK. This has given me a good insight into how two very different teams and clients operate. Outside of this, I’ve been able to catch up with various teams and people around the agency to give me more of an overview of OMD as a whole. I’ve also been able to take advantage of internal agency events such as their film screening of The Australian Dream which explores Australia’s relationship with Indigenous people. The rest of my time here has been spent outside soaking in as much sunshine and scenery as possible before I have to head back to blistery London!

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